Employer Sponsored Visa 

Employer Sponsored Visa 

We particularize in visa procedures to Australia. Employer sponsored visa to Australia is a highly sought after form of immigration under temporary and permanent basis. The name itself can be self-explanatory - visas of this kind are sponsored by the employers from Australia, when they hire any skilled professional.

What are the Visa Options?

The Employer Sponsored Visa for immigration to Australia can be issued under the basis of permanent or temporary base. While the latter comes with the period of four years, the former goes beyond that timeframe. However, it is to be noted that a temporary visa can often become an avenue for securing a permanent one.

Temporary Visas

Business Long Stay or Subclass 457 is highly sought after amongst the temporary variants of visa. Employers, here can nominate under the same application for nominating several candidates for their respective posts. These kinds of sponsored visas are meant for skilled professionals and workers. Employers recruiting a group of professionals can apply for the “Labour Agreements”. The agreement lets an Australian employer hire skilled overseas workers for their respective business or manufacturing enterprises.

Permanent Visas

A permanent visa, on the other hand, caters to permanent immigration to Australia along with the entitlements. Employer Nomination Scheme allows an employer to sponsor skilled professionals from overseas for a period of more than 4 years. If you are travelling to the continent with an ENS Visa or a subclass 186 - it’ll make you eligible for working and staying in Australia under a permanent basis. However, RSM or Regional Sponsored Migration scheme or Subclass 187 subclass will allow an employer (regional or from a sparsely populated location in Australia) hire skilled workers or professionals from overseas. So, an immigrant residing under a temporary visa can become stay permanently with ENS or RSMS.

At ABBE’s we care for your individual needs - sufficing every little help you need. Our cases are handled with sincerity and under a diverse lens of perspective. Our process is thorough and handled by professionals and experts who can guide you with proficiency. If you approaching the continent under an employer sponsored Visa, sponsorship is compulsory.

Employee Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186) 

Are you a fresh engineering graduate from a recognized institute and searching for an employment opportunity in a country with a vast cultural background best pay? Then you can apply for Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa.
The ENS subclass 186 visa comes under permanent residency visa for any overseas skilled professional or workers nominated by any Australian employer to work in the continent. It is a simple two-step application process - 1) Nomination to be carried out by an approved or recognised Australian employer for a position required for their business. 2) Visa Application by the concerned skilled worker (overseas) under the respective stream of nomination.

Note: If you are applying for this subclass 186 visa, then you can either be in or outside the continent. But when you are applying during your stay in Australia, it is compulsory to have substantive visa.
The applicants can apply under the following stream:

The Temporary Residence Transition Stream

You apply under this stream only if you hold the subclass 457, TSS or related bridging Visa A, B or C and have worked for the last three years in Australia. The occupation has to be the same as the one your employer is ready to nominate you for with a permanent position there. There is no requirement of skill assessment under this stream. But English level of IELTS 6 is needed in each component or equivalent.

The Direct Entry Stream
If you have been working under your nominated occupation for at least three years, and your employer is ready to sponsor you for that specific occupation, you can apply under this stream. However, your skill assessment is compulsory along with English level parallel to IELTS 6 in each component or equivalent.

The Labour Agreement Stream
This stream is suited for those who are getting sponsored by any employer in the continent via a labour agreement. So, for 186 visa, the employer would be required to nominate someone for the relevant occupation who is either on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills or Short-Term Skilled Occupation List.

Who can accompany you?

  • Your spouse or partner
  • You or your partner’s child or their step-child

What are the entitlements?

  • You get to live, work and study in Australia indefinitely
  • You can enrol in Medicare to take care of your health care costs
  • You can even apply for Australian citizenship once the criteria is met
  • You can sponsor other eligible relatives for a permanent residence
  • You can visit the country for 5 years from the date your visa was granted

How will you know if you are eligible for this category?

  • You should be less than 45 years old
  • Should be competent in the English language
  • Should possess relevant qualification and skillset for the nominated occupation
  • Meet the health and Character requirements
  • Nomination by any of the Australian employers who are operating legally in Australia
  • Should have applied for Visa within 6 months from the nomination date

Temporary skill shortage (Subclass 482) 

Popularly known as TSS Visa is essentially a work visa that allows Australian employers to nominate and sponsor an overseas skilled person to work for them.

There are three streams to this visa:

  • The Short-Term stream
  • The Medium-Term stream
  • The Labour Agreement stream
  • Subsequent entrant

How will you know if you are eligible for this category?

  • You need to have an occupation that’s listed under the Skilled Occupations lists
  • You need to be nominated for a post by an Australian employer who wants you to work with them
  • You need to have the qualifications and the relevant skills for your occupation
  • You must have at least 2 years of work experience
  • You must meet the minimum english language ability standards
  • You need to meet the standards of health and character

Skilled employer sponsored (Subclass 494) 

Subclass 494 came into effect replacing the RSMS Visa (Subclass 187). The new visa will allow employers to nominate skilled workers which makes it a provisional employer sponsored visa.

Who can accompany you?

  • Partner
  • Partner’s or yours children
  • Partner’s or yours relative.

What are the entitlements?

  • It is a five year visa
  • You can work and live in Australia during the visa’s tenure.
  • You can apply permanent residence after 3 years

How will you know if you are eligible for this category?

  • Must undergo skills assessment
  • 3 years of full-time work experience in the relevant field of work
  • Age should not exceed beyond 45 years
  • Must show minimum proficiency in English language
  • Employer must be hailing from the designated regional areas of the Australia
  • Before your nomination, the employer concerned would need to be approved business sponsor
  • Your current position has to be legitimate, full-time
  • Your salary should be at par with the market salary standards.